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Defending Management

Defending Management is a risk management educational blog for employers published monthly by the firm. The blog reflects the insights of the firm's attorneys who have significant experience representing management in labor and employment matters nationwide. 

Professional Liability Update

Professional Liability Update is an educational blog for professionals published monthly by the firm. The blog focuses on lawyers, architects and engineers, but provides risk management insights for all professionals based upon the defense experience of the firm's lawyers.    

How to Survive an OSHA Inspection


How to Survive an OSHA Inspection is an educational blog for employers subject to inspection by the federal Occupational Safety & Health Commission. The blog reflects the experience of the firm's attorneys in handling hundreds of inspections and/or citations. 

Real Clear Counsel™

Real Clear Counsel™ is the firm's monthly newsletter.  The newsletter highlights blog articles published by the firm as well as firm news of note.  The newsletter is distributed by e-mail but copies may be accessed from this site.

Risk Management Quick-Tip Video Series

In this ten-part quick-tip video series, Tim Soefje provides practical risk management advice to architects, engineers and other design professionals to help reduce the risk of costly claims and potential lawsuits. 

Employment Podcasts

In these short podcasts, Robert Chadwick provides practical and timely advice to management and employers for minimizing the risks of employment-related claims. Even frivolous employment claims cost time and money.  

Seminars & Events

The firm's attorneys are frequently invited to speak as to legal topics within their respective areas of expertise at seminars and webinars sponsored by companies and organizations.  Check this site for news about upcoming seminars and webinars. 

Firm News

Firm news and the most recent blog articles are featured on the home page of this website but can also be accessed through the link below. 

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