OSHA Amends Electronic Record Rules

As reported in a previous post on this blog, OSHA published on May 12, 2016 a final rule amending its record-keeping regulations to include new electronic submission mandates. The 2016 rule requires that establishments with 250 or more employees electronically submit injury and illness data they are already required to record on their onsite OSHA Forms 300 (Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses), 301 (Injury and Illness Incident Report) and 300A (Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses). The 2016 rule further mandates that, for 66 classified industries, an establishment with 20-249 employees electronically submit its OSHA Form 300A.

On January 24, 2019, OSHA published a new final rule which amends the previous 2016 rule effective February 25, 2019 in two respects.


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