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Seltzer, Chadwick, Soefje & Ladik, PLLC has a team of experienced attorneys who are admitted to, and have quality experience practicing before, the following federal and Texas appellate courts:

  • U.S. Supreme Court

  • U.S. Courts of Appeal for the Fifth, Tenth & District of Columbia Circuits

  • Texas Supreme Court

  • Texas Districts Courts of Appeal

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court

  • Oklahoma Court of Appeals 


The appellate experience of the firm's attorneys includes (1) appeals of trial court decisions, (2) appeals of decisions of administrative agencies, such as the National Labor Relations Board and the Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission, and (3) petitions for writs of mandamus. 


Representative Cases

  • In re Estate of Boren, 268 S.W.3d 841 (Tex.App. - Texarkana 2008, pet denied)(reversing probate order).

  • Castellano v. Fragozo, 352 F.3d 939 (5th Cir. 2003), cert. denied, 543 U.S. 808 (2004)(En Banc Decision regarding malicious prosecution).

  • Chapman v. Homco, Inc., 494 U.S. 1067 (1990)(denial of certiorari in Title VII statute of limitations case). 



Robert G. Chadwick, Jr.

Managing Member


Timothy B. Soefje

Managing Member

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