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Debtor & Creditor Representation

Creditor Representation


Our experienced team is committed to helping creditors collect judgments against debtors. We wholeheartedly understand the fine line and balance between the often strenuous demand letters and the desire for our clients to preserve their relationship with customers. We possess the necessary nuanced knowledge of the complicated laws surrounding debt collection and will work personally with each creditor to help map out the best course of action.


As a full-service debt collection and creditors’ rights firm, there are distinct differences between the services our team provides compared to that of a collection agency. Collection agencies operate under a business model that skims a percentage of the money off the top of a settlement that the creditor is fully entitled to as a form of payment for services. As a result, the creditor will only see the money they are rightfully owed dwindle as a result.


We use the power of the courts in accordance with The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1978 (FDCPA) to provide fair and honest debt collection practices as we walk through this process with our clients. This Act outlines the guidelines with which we operate. Within the guidelines of FDCPA, we will navigate the debt collection process with the most integrity and professionalism possible.

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