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Alternative Fee Arrangements

The Ladik Law Firm, PLLC is committed to providing excellent legal services at a reasonable cost.  For certain matters, billable hour arrangements are unavoidable.  For the majority of other matters, the firm uses flat fee arrangements which help clients manage legal budgets and provide greater fee predictability.  Below are some examples of fee arrangements which have been successfully undertaken by the firm:

One-Time Fixed Or Flat Fee

For a specific matter, the firm charges a one-time fixed or flat fee for completion of the matter to allow the client to have a clear budget for their matter(s).

Monthly Fixed Or Flat Fee

Where the client is in need of (a) the implementation of an action plan over the course of two or more months, or (b) legal counsel as matters arise, the firm charges a fixed or flat monthly fee for a pre-determined length of time. 

Free Consultations

For the majority of traditional cases, the firm will not charge for consultations or phone calls.

Volume Discounts

The firm may charge a discounted flat fee for repeat engagements by loyal clients. 

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