Managing Professional Liability And Construction Risks In The Millennial Age

Architects, engineers, and design professionals face ever-increasing pressure in this instant-gratification Millennial Age to complete construction projects as quickly as possible. As we know, however, fast is rarely best. Firms that ignore how to effectively manage their workforce in this Millennial Age can expect to experience a significant increase in claims for professional liability and construction defects, according to Ms. Zoe Schneider, an expert on Millennials in the workplace. Ms. Schneider spoke at the Claims Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) Professional Liability Conference in Boston in July. More than one-in-three American labor force participants (35%) are Millennials, maki

Combating Sexual Harassment In An Open Office Environment

For the past several years, studies have debated the benefits and detriments of open offices as viable working spaces. One of the benefits touted by open plan proponents is the deterrence of employee misconduct, such as sexual harassment, that privacy often enables. Even in an open office, however, the risk of sexual harassment persists, albeit in forms unique to the work environment. The absence of walls and barriers may even provide more, not less, opportunities for subtle forms of harassment. After all, open floor plans are specifically designed to facilitate close interaction among employees. READ MORE

Best Artists & Athletes In The World Being Impacted By Trump Administration's Harsh Immigrat

You can read it everywhere, businesses are having problems recruiting for jobs and now artists, entertainers and athletes are being harmed by the continuous changes to legal immigration policy. The message is clear- “We don’t want you here!” In fact, in February the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) changed its mission statement to remove the words “America’s promise as a nation of immigrants.” All visa petitions for artists and athletes require a consultation letter from the applicable union that represents the individuals. While this has normally been relatively simple to obtain, USCIS has now begun contacting these organizations and questioning them about the letter

Recent Title IX Case Highlights Social Media Remains Minefield Of Liability

Social media continues to be a minefield of professional liability as more and more attorneys come to the defense of their clients on social media without a full understanding of the risks involved. A recent Title IX case provides an excellent example of what can happen when a well-intention attorney, hoping to protect his client’s interest, posts online to set the record straight only to watch the social media posts go viral with vicious attacks on his client and his own professionalism. READ MORE

Predictive Scheduling: Yet Another Type Of Law For Employers To Worry About

In recent years, the rights of applicants and employees have been expanded significantly through new state and local initiatives. These initiatives have included ban-the-box laws, which protect the rights of applicants with criminal conviction records, paid sick time laws, harassment training laws, and laws which ban inquiries about the salary history of job candidates. In 2014, San Francisco became the first jurisdiction to adopt another new type of employment law. The Formula Retail Employee Rights Ordinances addressed predictive scheduling for employees in the retail industry. As with most new initiatives, other jurisdictions, including Seattle and New York City, quickly followed suit. On

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