MLB/Cuban Baseball Federation Reach Accord To End Embargo On Cuban Baseball Players

On December 19th, Major League Baseball, the Major League Players Association and the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) reached an accord that would put an end to the dangerous and illegal trafficking of Cuban players to the U.S. by international criminal organizations. For over 50 years there has been an economic embargo on Cuba which was eased significantly by President Obama in 2014 via executive actions that opened the door for this agreement which took over two years to negotiate. Prior to this agreement, Cuban players who wanted to play in the U.S. would have to defect and pay large sums of money to criminal organizations such as drug cartels to smuggle them out of the country so they co

"Take This Job And Shove It": Emerging Trends In Employee Departures

2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics data proves what many employers already know. More than 3½ million employees quit their job every month. Two-weeks-notice of a resignation may still be the norm for most of these employees, but anecdotal evidence shows that, in a booming job market, more and more employees are willing to end employment relationships in a more abrupt or even callous manner. On December 6, 2018, a 17-year old Walmart employee posted a video on Facebook entitled “How I quit my job today.” In the video, the employee records himself reading a prepared statement over a Walmart intercom system. The approximately one-minute video, which now has over 500,000 views, begins with the foll

Why The Symetra Tour Is The Number One Women's Developmental Golf Tour

The Symetra Tour is the development vehicle for professional women golfers seeking admittance to the elite, professional women’s golf tour, the LPGA Tour. The Symetra Tour is the most established women’s developmental tour in the world, entering 39 years of structured competition in 2019. While the LPGA is the pre-eminent women’s professional golfing association in the world, there are at least four other such associations, including: the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association (“JLPGA”), the Ladies European Tour (“LET”), the Australian Ladies Professional Golf (“ALPG”) and the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (“KLPGA”). While each of these other tours administers a profession

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