When Will The U.S. Consulates Open For Visa Services?

Many athletes and support staff are gearing up for their sport to resume competitions soon. During the hiatus, many spent the time off in their home countries and have now completed the filing of visa petitions which, upon approval, will allow them to apply for specific O or P visas at U.S. consulates. Those who remained in the U.S. may have been able to obtain extensions or changes of status without leaving the country. However, those individuals who are outside of the country must secure a visa appointment at a U.S. consulate to return. They are all asking, “When will the consulate reopen so I can get my visa?”

The short answer is-- “We don’t know.”

Given the lack of information from the Department of State (“DOS”) with regard to the resumption of visa services, DOS postings on passport services may offer a clue as to what lies ahead for visa services.

In a posting dated June 2, DOS states: