Why The Symetra Tour Is The Number One Women's Developmental Golf Tour

The Symetra Tour is the development vehicle for professional women golfers seeking admittance to the elite, professional women’s golf tour, the LPGA Tour. The Symetra Tour is the most established women’s developmental tour in the world, entering 39 years of structured competition in 2019.

While the LPGA is the pre-eminent women’s professional golfing association in the world, there are at least four other such associations, including: the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association (“JLPGA”), the Ladies European Tour (“LET”), the Australian Ladies Professional Golf (“ALPG”) and the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (“KLPGA”). While each of these other tours administers a professional women’s golfing tournament schedule, none have the stature, participation, attendance or level of competition as does the LPGA Tour. Only the LET and Symetra Tour are truly international tours as the JLPGA only allows women of Japan to compete and the KLPGA only allows a certain percentage of non-Korean women to compete. Notably, the Symetra Tour has more players advance to the LPGA Tour than all the other women professional tours.

The presence of foreign born players on the LPGA Tour and Symetra Tour enhances the level of competition enjoyed by members of these tours and contributes to the society through the interaction between American-born and international-born players. Both the LPGA Tour and Symetra Tour and their fans benefi